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Englische Bilderbücher für BABY

Storybooks for little ones

Auf vielfachen Wunsch stellen wir Ihnen auf dieser Seite illustrierte englische Kinderbücher im Großformat vor. Gerne können Sie vorab zu jedem Titel Leseproben anfordern.

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  • Cat's Colours

    What's Cat's favourite colour?... Cat's got a favourite colour. Is it the colour of the grass or the sand, or could it be a colour much closer to home?

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Daddy and Tom go SHOPPING + Tom's new POTTY

    Ein illustriertes Vorlesebuch mit zwei schönen Geschichten // Tom loves helping his Daddy to do things, especially when they go on the weekly shopping trip. Have fun at storytime with this lovely children's story.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Do Not Wash This Bear

    Toy Story meets Gremlins in this hilarious, rhythmic family caper where Daddy ignores a washing label and Bear comes alive! Bear has a very clear label sewn under his bottom. It says Do not wash this bear! But when Daddy puts him through a spin cycle anyway, a very naughty Bear comes out – one who causes mischief and mayhem all around the house! Father and son need Mummy to come home and save the day, but will she be back in time to show Bear who's boss before it's too late?

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Don't Wake Mr Bear

    It is autumn and as many forest animals are settling down to hibernate, others take up their instruments to play a special winter lullaby. Orchestrating it all is Dormouse, reminding the others that under no circumstances must they wake Mr Bear. At first all is quiet until a group of merry-making wolves crash into the forest making an epic song and dance. It’s all tremendous fun until a dark, bear-shaped shadow looms over the forest... A funny story about what happens when the seasons get mixed up – with a brilliant twist.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Goodnight Tiptoe

    I'm not sleepy, says Tiptoe while Tilly gives him his goodnight kiss. Boom! Boom! Boom! Goes Tiptoe's drum while Tilly sings him a goodnight lullaby. Will a bedtime story do the trick and send tiptoe off to sleep? Ah, yes... Tilly must get ready for bed herself. If only there was someone to tuck her in... But wait.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Guess How Much I Love You

    Deluxe Book and Toy Gift Set // Viele weitere Ausgaben dieses Titel möglich- Katalog ?

    18,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)


    Sometimes, when you love someone very, verymuch, you want to find a way of describing how great your feelings are. But, as Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover, öove es not an easy thing to measure....!

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • I Love My Little Story Book

    "I love my little story book. I love the way it looks. I love the way it feels. I love the places I can go to in my story book." So declares the enchanting young bunny in this charming picture book, extolling the delights of the imaginative world of stories as well as the sheer physical pleasure of books themselves. Visit the magic forest in the bunny's storybook and see giants, friendly lions, fairies, magic lakes and the palace where Beauty lies asleep right at the heart. This stunning book is a celebration of the very essence of reading; the sensation of holding a book and entering through its portal into another world that everyone, who reads it will relate to and delight in.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Little Tigers Big Holiday

    What should Little Tiger pack for his holiday? He might fly a plane - he'll need some goggles. Or explore the ocean - he'll need a snorkel. But will it all fit in his case? Prepare for your holiday with Little Tiger in this charming new picture book!

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Littlest Dreamer

    Snuggle up with this fantastical yet settling journey into dreamland. Get ready for a bedtime journey with the littlest dreamer as you ride on a magical pony over a rainbow, have a cupcake feast with the woodland animals and dance with a prince at a spectacular royal party, all before settling down to go to sleep! This aspirational and soothing story is brought to life by Charlotte Cooke’s delightful illustrations and is the perfect bedtime story, with special bedtime stickers to reward children for getting into bed, staying put and falling asleep.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)


    Root for Morris the spectacle-wearing mole to find his way home in this laugh-out-loud story from Jarvis, the creator of Alan's Big, Scary Teeth. "The witty Jarvis makes all the right moves" New York Times From Jarvis, the creator of Alan's Big, Scary Teeth, comes another truly unmissable, hilarious adventure about a daddy mole who has mislaid his spectacles. Morris can't find them anywhere. So, he decides to go on without them, trusting his instincts to lead him the right way home to his waiting family and delicious dinner of worm noodles. "Mrs Mole, I'm homeeee!" he sings ... as he burrows right into some poor unsuspecting rabbit family's hole. Oh dear. Without his spectacles, Morris really can't see a single thing - how will he ever get home? With perfect comic timing and a whole lot of heart, Jarvis will have all readers rooting for Morris to find his family, and rejoicing in the idea that - glasses or no glasses - you can always make your way back to home sweet home.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Schlaf gut, kleiner Regenbogenfisch

    Gebundener Kinderbuch-Klassiker in der Ausgabe Deutsch-Englisch mit MP3-Hörbuch zum Herunterladen. Weitere Sprachkombnationen möglich // Der kleine Regenbogenfisch kann heute einfach nicht einschlafen. Da hilft nur Mama! Liebevoll verspricht sie dem Kleinen, immer auf ihn aufzupassen – ganz gleich, ob er sich in der Tintenwolke des Oktopus verirrt oder einen schlimmen Traum hat. Psst! Da schlummert der Regenbogenfisch schon friedlich ein ...

    16,50 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Shouty Arthur at the Seaside

    "I'm a little bit fed up, Edith," said Arthur. "You said the seaside was brilliant, but it's not!" // "That's because you're being too shouty," said Edith. // Shouty Arthur is the LOUDEST and MOST SHOUTIEST boy alive. He and his sister are off to the seaside for a day full of sealife and adventure, but who will save the day when they get stranded by the tide? // This hilarious, energetic and quirky book is the follow-up to Shouty Arthur, the new series from Angie Morgan. Perfect for fans of Charlie and Lola. It will have parents and children alike laughing from start to finish.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Sleep Tight Very Hungry Caterpillar

    In this brand new lift-the-flap story, it's evening and everyone is going to sleep - children can lift-the-flap on each page to discover which animal is settling down for the night. Who's that hiding on the very last page? Could it be everyone's favourite caterpillar...? A fun, interactive way to learn about different animals and where they settle down to sleep. The perfect bedtime read.

    14,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Snuggle Up Tight

    It's bedtime, but just as one little panda snuggles up to sleep, there's a sound at the window. What's that? Find out in this adorable tale, perfect for a cosy storytime.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Splash + Moving Day

    Georgia is excited! She's just got her first swimming badge and today she's going to swim in the grown-ups' pool! Includes bonus story: Moving Day.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • The Mouse Who Sailed the Seas

    A mouse he went to sail the seas. He sailed the seas to look for cheese, but all he found were... bumblebees! A brave mouse, hungry for adventure and cheese, sets sail in search of a snack. Instead he encounters an array of zany characters and risks mortal danger before finally finding a cheesy land. Join him on his quest!

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt

    The award-winning classic // We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. Will you come too? For a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through this award-winning favourite // Follow and join in the family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Wish Upon a Star

    Baby Bear is afraid of the dark, but when a falling star lands at the end of his garden, he knows he has to be brave if he wants to go and see it. With his teddy tucked under his arm and Mummy by his side, Baby Bear ventures into the night, soon discovering a world of magic and moonlight right outside his door. Stunningly illustrated and beautifully told, this touching bedtime tale is perfect to share

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

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