I'm Ready . . . to Look and Say!

DIN A 4 Buch + CD
Size: 236 x 304mm
Pages: 48

sowie die auf das Bilderwörterbuch abgestimmte CD auf DEUTSCH + ENGLISCH mit vielen Mitmachanregungen

Die Themenschwerpunkte sind folgende

The Living Room
The Kitchen
The Dining Room
The Bedroom
The Bathroom
At Home Overview
The Garden
A Party
In Town
The Supermarket
A Building Site
Out and About Overview
The Doctor's Surgery
The Train Station
The Park
The Zoo
The Farm
The Seaside
Places I Go Overview

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Ladybird Serie

It has colourful art and offers opportunities for vocabulary building as well as introducing key topics for children starting nursery or school.

There are fascinating scenes on every double page spread of this vibrant picture-word book. There are different themes such as 'In my home' and 'Places I go' with carefully drawn objects clearly labelled within their context. Some of the contexts include 'In the kitchen', 'In my bedroom', 'At a party', 'At the zoo' and 'At school'. Environmental sounds have been added to the scenes, which forms part of Phonics Phase 1 in early learning.

Children are asked to look for objects in the picture and name them and are encouraged to discuss their routine in their own personal environment. This Ladybird book will spark the imagination and prompt discussion. A perfect introduction to words and sounds.

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