Mr Moon - 5 Bedtime Stories

DVD / Sprache Englisch / Spielzeit 62 Minuten

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Climbing up his ladder and taking his place in the star-studded indigo sky.

But have you ever wondered what Mr Moon does when he s NOT shining down on us?

That is where our story begins.

A CGI animation series, Mr Moon, ventures into a never-ending source of mystery, wonder, adventure and fun. Mr Moon s playground is the sky above us all. With his Supafast Moon Rocket and his best friends, Silva and Gold Star, Mr Moon zips around exploring planets, stars, constellations, black holes, nebulae and galaxies.

These 5 animated adventures are based on the best selling children s books by Kate Veale.

Sirius The Wonder Dog

Mr Moon and Silva learn tricks from Sirius and Silva deals with jealousy.

Anyold's Asteroid

Anyold invites Mr Moon and Silva to play his favourite game of asteroid toss but things go wrong when Silva accidentally tosses Anyold's favourite asteroid Bluey.

Cloud Dolphins

Mr Moon takes over Stella s place watching the Cloud Dolphins so she can go to the meteor shower and the dolphins teach him their tricks.

The Maze

Mr Moon and Silva find the Secret Door and get lost in a maze. Fortunately Silva has marked the trail to get them out again.

Stella's Jewels

Mr Moon and Silva take Princess Stella to the Keyhole Nebula to play with the jewels in the jewel box. Stella is delighted when some of the jewels follow her home. When the jewels start to lose their energy Stella must do the right thing and take them home where they belong.


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