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  • 200 Amazing Questions About Our Planet

    Explore the science behind more than 200 questions about our planet. DK's exciting new Earth encyclopedia answers children's biggest, and weirdest, geography questions, covering volcanoes, earthquakes, oceans, and more! Did you know that the Earth's biggest waterfall is underwater, or that mountains grow? This children's book, ideal for ages 6-8, will help inquisitive minds find out the answers to all the questions they may have, and some they hadn't thought of yet! Can you freeze in a desert? Can humans make it rain? Is there life on moss? Covering amazing landforms, deep-sea wonders, and awesome weather, Do You Know About Earth? helps children get to grips with the massive topic that is our planet. Important issues such as global warming and plastics in the ocean are introduced alongside key geography topics so that children can learn all about how nature works, and discover what we can do to keep the Earth healthy. Get your children learning with this amazing Earth book, which is packed with fantastic facts for curious minds.

    24,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • 4 Level - Dangerous Journeys Set

    Buch + Activitybook + Mitmachteil // Sometimes, animals must make long or difficult journeys. They can do this to find food, run from danger, or have babies.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • 4 Level - Forests Set

    Buch + Activitybook + Mitmachteil // Forests have been on Earth for millions of years. Lots of animals live in forests, and sometimes their lives can be very difficult.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • 4 Level - SPACE Set

    Buch + Activitybook + Mitmachteil // A2 · YLE Flyers · 600-900 headwords // Space is very big. It's full of planets, comets, stars and asteroids. People have gone into Space and they have visited the moon.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • 5. Klasse - Englisch Karteibox

    Deutsch + Englisch // Die Karteibox Englisch, Klasse 5 enthält über 400 Karteikarten mit Vokabeln und Übungen zu allen Themen, die im Englischunterricht im 5. Schuljahr behandelt werden. Es sind sowohl die Vokabeln als auch die grammatischen Themen des 5. Schuljahres enthalten.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A Children's Encyclopedia

    Einführungspreis // "An investment for childhood and beyond." - Big Issue North // A classic reference book covering over 240 topics, essential for any child who wants to discover as much as possible about the world around them. This thorough children's encyclopedia contains all the homework answers your kids will need, explained clearly and checked by experts. Covering all the key subjects including Arts, People, History, Earth, Nature, Science, Technology, Space, and Human Body in alphabetical order.

    28,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A General Knowledge Genius

    A brilliant quiz book for clever kids - put your general knowledge to the test and boggle your family and friends with your brainpower! With more than 60 topics, from across the encyclopedia, there's something for everyone. The pages are packed with eye-popping pictures - but do you know what they show? To help you, "Test Yourself" panels list what you're looking for. With three levels of difficulty, the challenge gets harder as you work your way from Starter, to Challenger, and finally the truly tricky Genius category. If you need it, there's a fun fact with every picture to give a helpful clue.

    16,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A New Children's Encyclopedia

    When? Where? What? Why? This stimulating and comprehensive encyclopedia for children provides answers to all the questions kids love to ask. Each chapter is jam-packed with maps, charts, timelines, diagrams, beautiful images and amazing facts. Did you know, for example, that a single drop of blood contains around five million blood cells? Or that there are areas of desert in all seven of Earth's continents? Prepare to build your knowledge on a wide range of topics - including Earth and beyond, plants and animals, history and politics, science, technology, and the human body - arranged thematically with more than 9,000 indexed entries and 2,500 colourful images. Cross-reference icons encourage children to explore and discover linked information, feeding their curiosity and building their general knowledge.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A Street Through Time

    Takes you on a time-travelling journey that you won't forget. Highly detailed illustrations bring 15 key periods in time to life // You will see magnificent buildings go up and come down, new churches built on the site of ancient temples, wooden bridges destroyed and then remade in stone, and statues demolished then unearthed many years later. You'll find out how people lived long ago - the tools they used, what they wore and what they did all day. Revised and updated for a new generation.

    16,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A What's Weird on Earth

    Covering everything from Pangea to the world's weirdest natural wonders, this is Earth in all its strange glory. What's Weird on Earth is an entirely new atlas adventure, with maps of UFO sightings, popular foods, every country resized according to population density, and their popularity as holiday destinations. Kids can spot the strangest features on every corner of Earth; from ancient patterns carved in the desert sand to the 29,000 bath toys that sailed the world's ocean currents after a shipwreck.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A What's Where in the World

    What's Where in the World is a unique visual encyclopedia of what's where in this world of ours. With 75 full-colour maps showing you things such as the world's tallest buildings, longest rivers, most dangerous earthquake spots and even where you can find animals that glow! Covering diverse topics in six chapters on Geography, Nature, People, History, Arts & Entertainment and Science & Technology, What's Where in the World is perfect for school projects or simply for sating that curiosity. Ever wondered where the best places to go diving for shipwrecks are? Look no further. The state-of-the-art 3D maps bring each and every page to life and you'll never be left wondering What's Where in the World again.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A: Englisch lernen für Krimi-Fans

    Interpool ermittelt / Lernspiel A2 -B1 für 2-6 Spieler / ab 12 Jahre / Auf spannende Art und Weise Englisch lernen: In dem Krimispiel "Interpol ermittelt. The art of asking the right questions" gilt es, knifflige Kriminalfälle aufzuklären und den Täter zu überführen. Ein Spieler ist der Täter, die Mitspieler bilden das Ermittlerteam. Zu Beginn jeder Runde wird ein Fall vorgetragen. Die Ermittler erhalten Ermittlungskarten und versuchen dann, durch die richtigen Fragen die Tatfakten herauszufinden. Gelingt ihnen das, gewinnt das Ermittlerteam. Der Täter gewinnt, wenn er flüchten kann, d. h. wenn er nach einer bestimmten Anzahl ausgespielter Ermittlungskarten noch nicht überführt werden konnte // In vielen weiteren Sprachausgaben lieferbar - Katalog ?

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A: Hidden Planet

    Guardian Children's Books of the Year // This book is a thing of rare beauty' - David Walliams // Perfect for animal-lovers everywhere! A beautiful crossover book for all ages, this is the book natural-history illustrator Ben has wanted to read since he was a child. Facts and descriptions provide insight into a curated collection of birds and animals - some endangered and some less so - told from the perspective of a detail-obsessed illustrator. Fun to read together or independently, let the secrets of the animals on our planet come to life in vibrant detail. 'This is my love letter to Planet Earth; a celebration of her hidden species, from the bold and the beautiful to the interesting but ugly. And while not a complete list, I hope that these few give a glimpse of the outstanding diversity of nature' - Ben Rothery

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A: Knowledge Encyclopedia Science!

    NEUERSCHEINUNG // An amazing encyclopedia with a ground-breaking new visual approach to science, illustrated with jaw-dropping details of the natural world and the wonders of the Universe.Stunning computer-generated images pack the pages of this encyclopedia to reveal and explain spectacular aspects of the scientific world. Bursting with astonishing 3D images, Knowledge Encyclopedia Science! shows core science in stunning detail, from atomic particles and universal forces to life in all its diversity. Illustrated in colour throughout, this book is packed with essential information and quirky facts that will appeal to both curious children and interested adults. Easy-to-read, informative text encourages reading, and stunning artworks created with the latest CGI technology make it fun for families to learn something new on every page.Adopting an inventive approach to science that goes beyond the basic school curriculum, Knowledge Encyclopedia Science! interweaves core physics, chemistry, and biology topics with space exploration, life on Earth, and amazing views inside the human body, while chapters on materials and machines bring fundamental forces and chemical reactions to life.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A: What's the Point of Maths?

    Perfect for those who need some inspiration when it comes to numbers. It combines stories from history with simple visual explanations to bring maths to life // Incredible historical stories explore the often surprising origins of the maths we use today, from number sequences to trigonometry. Crazy facts, magic tricks, and mathematical brainteasers will amuse and entertain even the most reluctant math students. Find out why an hour has 60 rather than 100 minutes and how codes keep our secrets safe. Colourful and uncluttered illustrations make mathematical explanations easy to grasp in seconds and make this user-friendly book simple to navigate and a joy to browse and read.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A: Why? Encyclopedia

    Colourful encyclopedia for kids with exciting 3D digital illustrations that bring key topics to life // The perfect first reference book that answers trivia questions for kids with exciting and colourful 3D digital illustrations. Did you know? Encyclopedia brings key subjects such as science, geography and history to life, through beautiful 3D images and a fun interactive question and answer format, making facts for kids fun and engaging.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • About Ask A Scientist

    Poses 100 real-life questions from kids to Robert Winston on every aspect of science. Questions cover all the popular science topics, including human body: "Why do freckles come in dots on your face?"; physics: "Could you jump off the world?"; Earth: "Why is the sky blue?"; chemistry: "Why are there bubbles in boiling water?"; natural science: "Do dogs cry?", and space: "Why will the Sun explode?" // The questions were carefully selected to cover the main science topics: chemistry, physics, human body, Earth, space, and natural science. They are fun, engaging, and include some that most adults wouldn't dare ask!

    16,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • About ICE

    From the vast polar ice caps to windswept mountains and frozen seas, come face to face with one of Earth's greatest resources: ice. Packed with stunning CGIs, illustrations, and photography, Ice will take you on an amazing journey to our planet's most beautiful but threatened environments. Discover how glaciers form, journey alongside intrepid polar explorers, and learn about the impact of climate change. See also how people and other animals use and interact with ice. Travel from the ice ages to modern day and walk with mighty mammoths, patrol with leopard seals, witness icebergs calve, and navigate the treacherous Northwest Passage.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Ballet Academy

    Perfect for children who are proficient readers, developing the habit of reading widely for both pleasure and information

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Biesty's More Incredible Cross-sections

    This illustrated book for children shows you how things work. Look inside the human body, explore the magic of Venice, and take a tour around a movie studio - and much more // In this updated edition with a refreshed, contemporary style, he gives readers an exploded view of 12 objects, places, landmarks, and modes of transport. But look closer! In every picture is an alien who has lost his way: can you find him?

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Children's Illustrated History Atlas

    Children's Illustrated History Atlas is an essential addition to every child's library and includes a beautiful illustrated poster // Bring history to life with more than 40 colourful maps in this children's atlas full of fascinating nuggets of information about our past, includes a pull-out poster.This beautiful history atlas helps children learn about world history all the way from the first people leaving Africa right up to how the world looks now, with a modern world map. Journey around the world as you learn its history, with maps showing everything from the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China to the when and how of the US Civil War.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Comet Collision

    Space expert Roshni leads a mission that's out of this world - literally! With rainforest expert Ollie, she is set the task of fixing the space probe orbiting Jupiter before a comet hits the planet. With the clock ticking, it's a race against time for the Secret Explorers as they dodge asteroids, complete daring spacewalks, and use all their skills to complete their mission. Packed with fun illustrations and facts about real-life missions to Jupiter, this thrilling adventure is perfect for young readers. Informative diagrams tell kids all they need to know about important elements of the story, such as how spacesuits work. The action-packed narrative keeps kids engaged and makes learning about space even more fun!

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • DUO – Double up!

    Das spannende, lustige und originelle Kartenspiel lässt sich in drei Varianten spielen: Als Stichspiel, als Auslegespiel und als Memospiel. Für alle 3 Varianten bringt die Sanduhr Tempo ins Spiel und unterschiedliche Punktwerte auf den Karten erhöhen die Spannung. Es gewinnt, wer am Spielende auf die höchste Punktzahl kommt. Konzentration, Merkfähigkeit und gute Reaktion sind gefragt – ein vielseitiger Sprachlern-Effekt ist dabei garantiert // In vielen weiteren Sprachausgaben lieferbar - Katalog ?

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Encyclopedia History

    Transform your view of history with this groundbreaking visual encyclopedia of the events of the past. From the disciplined armies of ancient Rome and the lives of ferocious samurai warriors to World War II and today's eco-friendly innovations, historical events are visualized in incredible detail, providing a fascinating introduction to the world through time. You'll find yourself transported into the past through engaging explanations, incredible illustrations, phenomenal photographs, and jaw-dropping computer-generated images.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • EXPLORE NATURE - Weather

    A fantastic first book on what happens in the sky, this book is the perfect companion for children eager to understand why it rains or shines. Discover how a weather forecast is predicted, what makes a rainbow, and the difference between a warm and cold front. With exciting activities such as cloud-spotting and building your own barometer, and plenty of facts, Nature Explorers: Weather is essential for children curious about the weather and keen to explore the world.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Explorers and the Lost WHALES

    Treffen Sie die geheimen Entdecker! Diese Gruppe brillanter Kinder kommt aus allen Teilen der Welt zusammen, um Probleme zu lösen, Rätsel zu lösen und Wissen auf der ganzen Welt zu sammeln - und darüber hinaus. Wann immer ihre Hilfe benötigt wird, erscheint ein spezielles Schild an einer Tür. Sie betreten die Erkundungsstation und erhalten ihre Mission ...// In The Lost Whales muss der Experte für Meereslebewesen, Connor, sein Unterwasser-Know-how einsetzen, um eine Schote von Buckelwalen zu retten, die sich verirrt haben. Zusammen mit dem Weltraumexperten Roshni macht er sich in einem U-Boot auf die Suche nach einer Möglichkeit, die Wale wieder auf Kurs zu bringen, stößt dabei jedoch auf unerwartete Probleme, darunter verlorene Babywale und eine Flotte von Booten. Wird es The Secret Explorers gelingen, ihre Mission erfolgreich zu erfüllen? // Dieses spannende Abenteuer ist voller lustiger Illustrationen und Fakten über Buckelwale, Meereslebewesen und die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die Ozeane. Es ist perfekt für aufstrebende Leser. Die actionreiche Erzählung beschäftigt Kinder und macht das Lernen über die natürliche Welt Spaß.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Eyewitness Travel Guide London

    AKTIONSPREIS // FAMILY TRAVEL GUID LONDON // Perfect for planning and enjoying a stress-free family holiday, this easy-to-use guide book is packed with insider tips and information on the best family-friendly activities and attractions.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Eyewonder: EARLY PEOPLE

    Packed with fascinating facts and bright images, in the renowned Eyewonder format, younger readers will easily understand what life was like for early man. Ideal for school project support, Early People engages kids with interactive activities from True or False games to What's this? quizzes, and includes 100 bright stickers to play with.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Eyewonder: Planes

    Helicopters, gliders, jets and commercial planes are all in there, with colourful pictures and fun facts that encourage learning.

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Eyewonder: Reptiles

    Reptiles will show children how these animals live, with pages on different types of reptiles, including alligators, what they eat, and what makes a reptile, a reptile!

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

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