62 Minuten Märchenzeit PUR !

4 Classic tales featuring music and sound effects

Vier der interessantesten Märchen - die auch ältere Kinder immer wieder gerne hören.


Diese CD eignet sich in dieser Altersgruppe für Kinder mit biligual-englischem
oder muttersprachlich-englischem Hintergrund, da der Redefluss doch sehr schnell ist.

Folgende Märchen können gehört werden:

1. Treasure Island
Join young Jim Hawkins on his action packed adventure to Treasure Island in search of Captain Flint's stolen
fortune of silver and gold. This epic story starts with Jim's encounter with Billy Bones at the Admiral Benbow Inn
and leads to his sea journey aboard the Hispaniola where he meets Long John Silver. When the ship arrives at Treasure Island the story comes to an exciting climax.

2. Black Beauty
Starting from his earliest memories as a foal with his mother in the meadow, follow Black Beauty in his
eventful story. From his time with Squire Gordon and his close encounter with a stable fire, through his
accident with Lady Anne's groom, Reuben Smith, to his time pulling a heavy cab around the streets of
London and beyond. A classic heart-warming story that sees old friends reunited.

3. The Three Musketeers
France 1628. D'Artagnan and his new friends, the three King's Musketeers, join together in this exciting
adventure. Their task is to protect the Queen from the evil scheming of Cardinal Richelieu and his spies.
Follow the friends on their perilous jouney to Lord Buckingham in England. Will they foil the Cardinal's
sinister plot before the Queen is put in danger at the King's forthcoming ball?

4. Heidi
Heidi goes to live in the mountains with her Grandfather. There she makes friends with Peter, the boy
who looks after the villagers' goats. Suddenly, Heidi is taken to Frankfurt to live as a companion to a
girl called Clara. The housekeeper, Miss Rottenmeier, doesn't like Heidi and Heidi herself becomes very
homesick. Eventually, Heidi returns to live with her Grandfather and a great story unfolds when Clara
visits Heidi in the mountains.

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