Jane and the DRAGON

Jane is a medieval middleclass girl being raised as a Lady-in-Waiting, but she's got much bigger plans for her future! Training to become a Knight is what she's all about - good thing she's got a 300 year-old fire-breathing dragon as a best friend.

Sprache: Englisch
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Medienformat ‏ : ‎ PAL, Import
Laufzeit ‏ : ‎ 133 Minuten
Studio ‏ : ‎ Fremantle Home Entertainment

Enthält folgende 6 Episoden:

-Tests and Jests: Jane has her knight in training 'rescue the damsel' test.

-The Tooth Fairy: Dragon has a toothache and to the amazement of all falls for the tooth fairy story that Jane spins to get him to have his tooth pulled.

-Jester Justice: Jane's encouragement to Jester to do his impression of Ivon leads to Ivon challenging Jester to a face saving duel!

-A Dragon's Tail: Dragon is feeling sick, very sick, with - a pig disease; curly tail! It is curable but the antidote is a difficult quest away...

-Shall We Dance: The annual ball is here but Jane is suffering under Gunther's jibes that she just isn't good enough to be a real knight.

-The Offer: Dragon's clumsy playfulness has been causing a lot of problems in the castle and when he knocks a wall down it is the final straw. But Jane's rash defence of her friends leaves them with no choice but to leave the castle!

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