Beware of Boys


Beware of Boys
Tony Blundell

Format : Paperback
Size : 250 x 250mm
Pages : 32
Publisher : Puffin
5 - 8 + ... years

This is no ordinary fairy-tale and no ordinary small boy - he knows how to get the better of any wolf.

And what this wolf needs, he decides, is a very special cookery lesson.

A wickedly clever picture book for extra-smart children.


Elternmeinung // Customer Review

"A fantastic book for all ages. I read bedtime stories to my 3 boys and to find a book that a. keeps them interested b.makes them laugh and entertaining for the reader is very welcome in my home. We especially like the recipe for Boy Cake !!! Excellent & well illustrated."


"This is a fantastically thought out story. The boy invents ever more ridiculous recipes and poor Mr Wolf runs all around to find the ingredients. Children love to say the words along with the adult and on second reading can spot the items the boy includes in the recipes for himself. Particularly good for reading to children in school."


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