Cowboy Baby Set

Book + DVD

Cowboy Baby
Smarties Prize Gold Award

32 Seiten +DVD
Verlag: Walker Books
Sprache: Englisch
Größe: 24,8 x 29,6 cm
Running time: approximately 5 minutes

Sheriff Pa says it's bedtime. But Cowboy Baby won't go to bed without his toys, Texas Ted, Denver Dog and Hank the Horse. No sirree! So off he goes to find them.

But when he's rounded up his gang, Cowboy Baby decides he doesn't want to go home...Offering a whole new storytelling experience, this picture book and DVD edition features a charming story animation, narrated by Kevin Whately.

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Elternmeinung // Customer Review

"am a Mom of 5 girls, and a former teacher, and I don't know WHY, but Cowboy Baby is my 3 and 4 year olds' favorite book. The pictures are great, the theme of "finding your lost stuffed animals" is familiar, a book with Dad gets my husband to read it more, and the way the book lends itself to be read in silly voices must be the reasons it is a hit!! I am actually buying a second copy because our first is wearing out!! (Our original one was a garage sale gem. :))"


"If your child is a fan of Toy Story's JESSE or WOODY you will appreciate the innocent landscape of this charming tale. My two year old daughter can not get enough of Cowboy Baby's search for his missing animals. Although I've read this book a zillion times, my daughter manages to find new surprises and things to discuss in Heap's western terrain. I appreciate the fact that the story ends with everyone going to bed."


"Wir finden die Sets mit Buch + DVD besonders wichtig beim Erlernen der englischen Sprache. Vielen Dank Frau Mehl, dass Sie uns immer wieder Titel vorstellen, die Wissenswertes so warmherzig und alle Sinne ansprechend miteinander verbinden. Machen Sie bitte weiter so, denn Ihre individuelle Beratung ist eine Seltenheit in der heutigen Zeit !!!!"


"this story, set in the wild west, was dearly loved by both my children. my son now nearly 5 still repeats a line from it whenever he is hiding - 'bet you cant find us, no siree!'. the story is a perfect evocation of childrens delight in hiding, and of their affection for the toys they take to bed with them. the rhythm of the text makes the book very enjoyable for adults to read, and never tire of, which in our case was just as well."

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