A Footballer

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Rhyming touch-and-feel book

This Little Footballer: Ladybird Touch and Feel

Format : Hardback
Size : 178 x 178mm
Pages : 10
Published : 2013
Publisher : Ladybird

3 - 5 years

This Little Footballer is a delightful rhyming touch-and-feel book from Ladybird, with a different little footballer to talk about and a big touchy-feely item to explore on every double page. From a leathery ball and rough goalkeeper gloves to a silky shirt and shiny trophy, each football-themed tactile area helps to stimulate sensory awareness in older babies and toddlers and teach them the difference between smooth, rough, bumpy, shiny and so on.

Learn each little footballer's name and what they are doing by reading the rhymes, then choose a name for the last little footballer at the end! With a ladybird to also look for and spot on each page, This Little Footballer is perfect for sharing with all young fans of the beautiful game as their attention span and curiosity about books grows.


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